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All of our products are made in small batches and artisan cut.  Therefore no one portion can be exact. Our food is cut into one pound portions and packaged in either 6 or 5 lbs bags.  Special sizing can be arranged, but may have an increased charge.  All of our food is made using only government inspected, human grade quality meats and vegetables.  We strive to provide as much hormone, additive, antibotic free products as possible.  We never change vegetables with the seasons to maintain the consistency of our products and to prevent allergies.   Our Veggie Mixes ratios are 70/30.


Lean Beef Muscle and Organ

Lean Beef Muscle, Organ and Veggie

Regular Beef Muscle and Organ

Regular Beef Muscle, Organ and Veggie

Beef Liver and Heart

Beef Tripe

Beef, Organ and Turkey

Beef, Organ, Turkey and Veggie

Beef, Organ and Chicken

Beef, Organ, Chicken and Veggie

Beef, Organ, Chicken and Tripe

Beef Knuckle Bones

Beef Marrow Bones



Whole Chicken Carcass

Chicken Carcass Ground

Chicken Carcass and Veggie

Chicken Necks

Chicken Feet

Chicken Wing Tips

Turkey Drums Ground

Turkey Drums and Veggie

Turkey Necks

MDB Turkey




Boneless Pork Trim

Boneless Pork Trim and Veggie


Chicken Carcass, Heart and Liver

Turkey Drums, Heart and Liver

Turkey Drums, Salmon, Heart and Liver


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