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Who We Are and How Pet Lovers' Choice Began


We opened Pet Lovers' Choice in December of 2005.   We started, because Emery who is a butcher noticed a large number of people coming to the butcher shop looking to purchase muscle meat and have it ground special for their dogs.  At this time Diana was searching for a way to feed their dogs in a more healthy and natural way.  What she found was the raw diet better known as the BARF ( Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet.  We put two and two together and a company was born.  We have rescued a multitude of dogs and cats over the years with variety of health problems.  We have seen first hand how a raw diet can change an animal's life for the better.  At the moment we share our home with 3 dogs and 10 cats, who all eat raw.


We are a family owned and operated business and we purchase as many local products as possible from the surrounding area where we live. We built a butcher shop on our property in Mill Bay and all of Pet Lovers' products are produced in small batches in a controlled environment. We use only government inspected, human grade quality meats and vegetables.  We strive to provide as much hormone, additive free products as possible. 


Our mission is to produce the best pet food we can, to help the four -legged members of your family live a long, healthy, and active life.

Just a few of our Testers and Quality Control Group

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