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Raw Food Info

Dogs and Cats were meant to eat meat.  They have jaws and teeth for ripping, tearing, and crunching meat and bone.  Dogs have a short intestinal track just like a wolf.  So the food they put in needs to be digested and used quickly.  Processed food with fillers takes longer to digest and therefore any benefits there may be are lost.   Plus the vitamins and minerals from real whole food are just better for your pet.

The Benefits of Feeding Raw

Fresher breath and naturally clean teeth

Fewer and smaller stools

No more Doggy Odour and increased soft, shiny coats

Helps to prevent hots spots, ear problems or itchy skin

Increased energy and a boosted immune system

Helps to provide better muscle tone

Healthier, happy lives


Variety is the key to a healthy diet. Change it up, try beef one meal, then a poultry, some lamb, and tripe.  Remember in the wild a dog would eat all different types of meat, so it should be at home. All diets should include bones, whether they are a bone to chew on or bones from a poultry source.  Raw bones are fine, they will grind up, but never give cooked bones as they will splinter. 

The general rule for feeding is raw is 2 to 4 percent of your pet's body weight.  An older, low active dog will start off with 2% of  their weight, whereas a active dog will eat 3 to 4 % of their weight.  Puppies and nursing dogs can eat up to 10% depending on their requirements.  This is their daily intake.  It is a good rule of thumb to start with the minimum level and increase as needed.  You will be able to tell very quickly if you are over or under feeding your dog. 


It can take up to two weeks to change your pet over to raw.  Some people believe in the cold turkey method and if that works great.  But if you need to make the change over time, feed the raw in the morning and kibble at night.  Never mix kibble and raw together.  They both digest at different rates and it can make it very uncomforable for your pet.   Changing to raw may cause your pets stools to loose for a short period as their body gets rid of the toxins and adjust to the new diet.


Remember that this a raw meat product and all bowls, utensils, countertops and hands must be washed and cleaned.  All unused food should be stored in a sealed container in a refrigerator.




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